Why facebook advertising services is effective?
Today, you will see the young surfing facebook indoors, at the coffee shop or classrooms. The number of people using Facebook has accounted for 70% of internet users! So using facebook advertising services is an effective tool to help businesses access almost consumers.
You will be surprised to know that Facebook ads are a form of online advertising with special characteristics. It is effective not only from the large number of consumers of facebook, but also in two most important features of the social network: it is spread and connectivity.
Spread: when a person like or comment on post on facebook, then their friends will see that article on the bulletin board, and if those friends continues like that post, friends of friends will again see the article on message boards, and so spread.
Connectivity: to Facebook Advertisement, when a person like your Page (or articles), they will see your article on page. Not 100% of your posts are seen but it is certainly that more people like your page, more people see your post. This means that they’re connected to you! This is one of the prominent features of facebook advertising service but not any service can do it.

Benefits of using facebook advertising services:
Access to millions of people on facebook with choice: location, gender, age, hobbies, relationships, positions and behaviors (eg, always use mobile phone, or tablet). .
Connectivity helps businesses retain connected to customer latter.
Spread help businesses spread the reputation of the product and business rapidly
You can choose to pay by the click when someone clicks on your ad or by the view when ads display to users.

How do facebook ads appear?
quang cao bang tin

Facebook ads appear in notice board and the right column on desktop/lap top

quang cao di dong

Facebook ads appear on mobile phones

How to increase the effectiveness of advertising on Facebook?
You know Facebook advertising is effective thanks to 2 important features is connectivity and spread, and you want your ads is the most effective one. So how to promote spread highest?
Beautiful pictures: Facebook ads differ from Google ads in that it has the image, image is the first thing consumers look at your ad. In order to attract consumers, you must have the images that not only eye-catching, but also express your advertising message most succinctly. Good image will attract other people, they will like it, after that their friends will see… and go on…. On facebook almost 80% failure is in bad images!
The simple and true words: consumers in this era are allergic to all kinds of information of PR and excessive advertisement , they don’t pay attention to words like that. Candid and delicate words will be able to go into customer’s heart most.
Understanding about your customers is a very important factor to target customer accurately, since then, you can convert the number of target customers turn into real customers.

Using Facebook advertising services at VNSTAR
Using Facebook ads services at VNSTAR, you will be adviced to choose image ads, in most case, we will be in charge of designing image if you have a similar sample images. We will design cover, avatar, advertised product image for you. If you do not have a Fanpage we will create a Fanpage for you for free.
Beside image design steps, we will find out about your product information in order to create subtle advertisements to appeal purchase action of consumers.Experience in object selection process will help us to aim true target customers after find out your product.

Refer to some results after we have run Facebook ads to customer:
Let’s see likes and comments in the posts after being advertised, the more comments, the more orders.
binh sua comotomo

lolem spa

tri mun tan goc

Let’s see inbox plays after being advertised by the lowest package at VNSTAR.
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Facebook advertising services price list:

Discount 5% 3 month contracts
7% 6 month contracts
10% 12 month contracts
Do not hesitate any more, please contact us immediately to boost sales!

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