To whom?
Businesses want to participate in online marketing channels (digital world) to expand market share.
Businesses that want to understand digital channels which advertising effectively for their products in tens of digital channels.
Businesses that want to have a concrete plans to step by step enter the potential online market

Benefits when you perform online advertising at VNSTAR:
Our long term target is to become a conscientious advisor for enterprises, VNSTAR will consult devotedly any questions and all the problems in the process of online advertising products, including:
All effective online advertising channel for your product
When you have selected marketing channels which should be conducted, we continue counselling marketing solutions and steps for that channel.
In most cases, you need a website before you advertising online, then you need to invest write compelling content on your website.
In order to make the sale, the content of your website must clear up “unique selling message USP” – otherwise known as Unique selling proposition. It enables users to realize that their product is more unique relative to other competitors, and make customers want to buy them. We will assist you in creating and evaluating USP messages.
After you have the website, fanpage, we will implement advertising. Each different advertising channels have different effective ways.
For example, for advertising on search engines google (google adword), the keywords you use are particularly important, you should avoid using keywords that are highly competitive (many people have used). We will help you find keywords with have many searches but low competition, to increase the efficiency of product advertising.
For social network facebook, photo and blurb are important. we will designed your images to make your message emphasised, increase feelings of users. Facebook advertising will be written by the way to increase interactivity with readers. On social networks, the higher interactive turn, the more you sell.
Before implementing advertising plan, we always advise you clearly about costs and the number of users (estimated) you approach respectively.
Especially in VNSTAR, we would advise you to help you clear any details before proceeding with the advertising campaign.

Why you should contact VNSTAR?
VNSTAR is a digital marketing agency as well as advertising agency that specializes in digital array, we have provided effective online marketing solutions for a lot of enterprises, companies. Because we:
• Having worked for many businesses, we understand advertising channels is effective for each product. Each product has unique properties, as well as its client features separate, ead to different effective approach ways and approach chanels.
• Strategy. In this day and age with so many competitors, we always think about the strategy to approach, to find a different way for the appearance of your product, as well as how to make different marketing in world online.
• Compared with the other agency, at VNSTAR we believe, an effective advertising campaign should have:
– Good idea can draw customer’s attention.
– A strategic thinking to help good ideas can journey deep into the heart of potential customers and develope continually.
• Team of consultants dedicated and honest. We will advise on benefits of each detail of the campaign, to help you have the right direction when executing the campaign.
The consultant process of VNSTAR:
• To receive product information from customers (product characteristics, customers, distribution channels, channels have already advertised)
• Analyse the advantages of product compared to competitors
• Analyse the current advertising channels and select the most effective advertising channel for products.
• Select a characteristic have outstanding properties of products to advertise on the chosen channel and set up the most unique advertising messages USP (Unique Selling Proposition) for your product.
• Following this process customers, you will have effective advertising plan for products with reasonable expenses.
• Following your agreement, VNSTAR will implement advertising campaigns and report advertising efficiency after every month and after every campains
Please contact VNSTAR immediately to be consult about online advertising solutions to help you determine the most appropriate direction with optimal cost!

VNSTAR – Top social networks advertising company.

Contact VNSTAR Corporation by below information:
Mobile : 098.800.1549 or 0168.697.7378
Office: 08.629.591.89
Address: No. 10 Ton That Thuyet, Ward 18, District 4, Ho Chi Minh City