SEO agency focus sustainable value

Today people to people, from company to company are doing SEO (Search Engine Optimization). They do SEO or hire seo agency web sites in hopes they could go to the top of google. In a lot of cases after you have finished, your site has high seo ranking on google, but after some times Google updates the new algorithm then your ranking is dropped.

So how to keep the google ranking, even if google algorithm change?

The answer is: you or the seo agency you hired, must follow instructions google guidelines. You may not keyword stuffing too much, also known as keyword spamming. Before we learn how to do SEO Sustainable you may need to know the benefits and drawbacks of SEO

“What is SEO ?: website is optimized format to become google friendly website that is displayed when users search related the keyword”

Benefits of SEO:

  • Show on google natural, no ads or QC character as advertising adword.
  • Reach customers, increase sales, advertising and branding

=> This is why you should be interested in services from seo agency 

Disadvantages of SEO

  • You must invest in SEO website in 3 months, in order to be appeared on google. You need patience and time investment to be able to do SEO.
  • If you do SEO yourself, your SEO work should be correct, or you have to choose the right seo agency to have safe SEO work. if google recognize that you violate Google SEO Guideline, then it will penalize your website. Your landing page cannot appear in search result with related keyword, or whole domain does not appear in google when you type your keyword domain!  it’s dangerous!

Google algorithm changes annually and more and more be smarter in detecting link trading and link spam, intentionally link. So many websites this year is on top of google, year after it may not apprear if it violate google guideline

Understanding this trend, we have created a web sustainable  SEO services compliance with google website Guideline, and that is the key to help your website increasingly high rankings on search results.

What our SEO agency do for you?

Located in Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam, but we tended to high quality services for international companies.

  • Our SEO process is generated to keep the standards of quality. From SEO onpage to to SEO offpage, our process make sure to achieve two purposes: enough keyword density, and full of meaning. If your content is not meaningful, users will be bored, and google recognize this! It will underestimate your content, and your ranking leads to reduced (you should know Content is King!)
  • Research and suggest the best Keyword for your competence. There are many related keywords about your service, but some of them have none searching . There are a lot of related keyword but the competition is too high. You can not win if you go in a place with too many competitors.
  • Optimize website: to conduct good seo services, we need to be able to modify the code and website content
  • Optimizing external website: introduce your content to other places, so people will give you votes by links

What you need?

  • Let us know your website, we will advise the best keywords. Or you provide SEO keyword if you want to make a decision.
  • Provide admin account of your website code.

Please contact VNSTAR SEO agency immediately for advises and implement sustainable SEO!

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